Tips every lawyer must know


Many young women and men inspired by the John Grisham’s Pelican Brief and movies like, “To kill a Mocking Bird,” or “12 Angry Men,” aspire to enter the field of law and enroll into law school. Of course, today there are several branches of laws beyond the criminal, military and civil laws most often shown on celluloid. After three rigorous years of school, the young graduates full of enthusiasm and ideals embark on an exciting and interesting journey to shape the world. Loaded with tones of legalese these youngsters still need some advice and guidance about the real world before they start their own practice.Here are a few tips that will help you to chart your own path to success.




The present generation is all about networking and connecting with the right people and right institutions. With the right contacts you can land yourself a job in a reputed firm or be attached to client acquisitions of your choice. Only and only when you network and be visible will this be possible.It is good to stay connected on Facebook but make that extra attempt to meet friends, classmates and acquaintances in person for a coffee or a lunch and interact in person; personal meetings leave a lasting impression. Staying in touch will keep you alive in people’s memory and that in turn will keep the door of opportunities open for you.


Maintain a steady pace


Your worth in a law firm is measured by your performance in the previous six months. Therefore always make sure that you are progressing steadily and are not trying to do things in speed mode or like a tortoise, which often is a bad idea. It is good to show several hundred hours of work on your resume but not at the cost of your health; accept only that much work which is possible by you.Maintaining a slow pace and producing quality work will mark you as the race horse that can reach the finish.


Knowledge is power


Whether you asked questions in your law school or not, you must ask questions and clarify doubts in your law firm. Asking questions shows you want to learn and have the innate curiosity which is the backbone of every lawyer. Of course, do not ask questions for which you know the answers or about things that are personal in nature.


Your career is your responsibility or it is Pro Per


No firm will provide mentorship programs or offer you opportunities to attend career development classes. How your career pans out is entirely your responsibility and you need to constantly look out for opportunities for growth. It is interesting for you to know about Robert Tarren.


Do not ignore sales and marketing skills


Who can market your skills better than you? No one! Do not think law has nothing to do with these two skills. To reach the top rung of the ladder your legal prowess is not enough, you need to possess or hone on existing marketing skills. Remember there are several capable lawyers out there but not everyone is successful. Only those who recognize the importance of advertising their skills and their expertise make it big.


Choose your specialty wisely


To be an expert in any field along with knowledge you require experience; and together with these two skills your career will progress in the right direction. Do not become a rolling stone that gathers no moss. If you change your area of specialization then do it only if you are convinced because it will put your career on the back burner for a few years once again.


Don’t close your eyes to opportunities


You spend a few years in a particular firm in the hope of moving up the pecking order and for a better pay scale but in case it doesn’t happen, you must scout for other opportunities where you can learn more, are exposed to more variety and where the pay scale is better.  There is no harm in looking for an outside option when in your present firm growth is limited.


Final words


These are just a few guidelines that will set the ball rolling; from your end you need to be proactive and open to learning. With new laws and policies undergoing frequent changes, you have to ensure that your learning curve is always upwards and you are ready for change.





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